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Welcome to my studio website.  Gordon Wolfe Music Instruction and Tutoring is based in Lubbock Texas.  I started my practice in 1985 teaching in the LISD Music Tutorial Program then in 1989,I left this and taught on my own. For the young students ( around 6 or so) I show them how music can be fun and help parents to work with their children during the week. For the school age students I help them to organize and schedule so as to allow for school studies and musical practice. For the secondary school age students I can help them with musical activities in school and with musical competitions and tryouts. For the adult I can help them to pursue personal interests as hobby. 
Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you.


Guitar, Piano 


I am writing to tell of the wonderful experience we have had with Gordon Wolfe as a music teacher.  My daughter, Terra, began guitar lessons with him six and a half years ago when she was just seven years old.  Although I thought it would be a passing phase, Mr. Wolfe nurtured a love for the guitar and music in her that still grows to this day.  He has not only taught her to play an instrument, but he has taught her music theory, music appreciation, and a passion for her craft.   Terra often says that she not only learns to play the music from him, but also learns the history behind the music. She would have it no other way.

A few months ago, Terra decided that she would like to add the piano to her repertoire of instruments.  She wanted no other teacher than Mr. Wolfe.  Now he works with her on both the guitar and piano. She is advancing quickly due to current knowledge of music from guitar lessons and is enjoying spending an hour learning both instruments instead of just the one.

Mr. Wolfe has always been courteous, professional, and reliable over the six and a half years we have worked with him.  He accommodates our schedule changes when necessary and understands when we cancel at the last moment.  I would recommend his services as a music teacher to anyone.  He worked wonderfully with Terra when she was seven and continues to work well with her at the age of thirteen.  Terra would have no other teacher.

Amy Drake




I am very glad to write this letter on behalf of Mr. Wolfe. I am one of his older students learning to play Piano and Guitar. Mr. Wolfe is very knowledgeable not only in his field but others as well. He has all the qualities of a good teacher; he is patient, calm and always encouraging, meticulous and observant. I enjoy the lessons very much and would recommend Mr. Wolfe to everyone wishing to learn Piano and/or Guitar.

Doanh Tran


BAND INSTRUMENTS - PERCUSSION percussion, trombone, French horn, drums,
My son, daughter and I received instruction in Percussion from Mr. Gordon Wolfe. My daughter, in addition, received instruction first in Recorder then went into Piano from basic through advanced during this time and during an additional period while in college.
Mr. Wolfe teaches several instruments emphasizing proper technique, tempo and sight reading among other things. He is patient, persistent and kindly in manner using humor to relax the student.
As a result of Mr. Wolfe's instruction both children were able to enter High School Concert Band with no previous Band experience playing on a par with other Percussion students who had two or more years Band experience.
---Steve Dowlen
I have known Gordon Wolfe for the past three years.. He was my son and daughter's private music instructor on a weekly basis up until this past year. He taught my son Trombone and my daughter was taught French Horn. Both of my children ( now age 12 and 15) felt they learned a lot from him, seemed to look forward to their next lesson and came home very pleased after each lesson from Gordon with usually instructions to practice particular notes or a piece of music.
--Debbie Venegas
My son Rico was introduced to Drums with Gordon Wolfe as his instructor. During his three months of lessons, Rico learned the basic principles of drumming and also, basic music instruction. Gordon worked with Rico on a weekly basis and his level of achievement grew within his instruction. I would recommend Gordon Wolfe as an excellent instructor and as an opportunity to help any music-inspired student.
--Letticia Martinez
I became acquainted with Gordon Wolfe in 1971 at the Summer Band Camp at Texas Tech U. He had just moved to Lubbock and went to Monterey High School his senior year. I was the band director there at that time. Gordon played the Tuba and was very proficient and a good student. I have followed his " career" through these many years and continue to be impressed with his love for students and the music profession.
--C. Doyle Gammill
LISD Instrumental Music Coordinator
Gordon Wolfe, my Trumpet teacher has been singing and playing music all his life and has been teaching students for thirty years. I have nothing but good things to say about Gordon. I have been taking Trumpet lessons from him for 8 months and my progression is amazing. One quality Gordon has is he is patient with his students and let's them progress at their own pace. For someone that teaches Theory and technique at the same time it's a plus for Gordon. Gordon gets productive work in our lessons ( those of Averil Walters and myself) and we get our money's worth. I feel privileged to get to take lessons from someone as knowledgable as Gordon. Like I said earlier, if you or someone you know someone that would like to sing or play an instrument, Gordon is the person for you. If you saw how I was on the first day and how I am now you would see major improvement. There is not much I can say except Gordon is the man if you, your children or someone you know wants to take music lessons. He teaches all ages.
Nathan Meeks
We are writing this letter to let you know the appreciation we have for you. You have been giving our three kids music lessons now for over a year and we are pleased with how far they have come. We are grateful you have such patience and understanding with each of them. Your ability to know their needs is great, you adjust their lesson time to make sure each of them get what they need out of that particular lesson. Your knowledge of all different kinds of instruments and music is great. With having three boys, all with different tastes and personality, it is most convenient to have them all under one instructor. You have been gracious about scheduling them in a block of time together, so we can drop them off and pick them up together. This is a big help with our busy schedules. I am looking forward for continued success with our children's music lessons as they continue to advance in their musical ability.
--Michael & Mia Penny
The Daly family is happy to endorse the work of Mr.. Gordon Wolfe in a letter of reference. In the past year while introducing our daughter, Laura, to music and the Trombone, he has shown patience and skill in teaching this difficult instrument. Most importantly, he has helped Laura maintain her interest and motivation in learning to play the Trombone. We have seen steady improvement in her abilities and this has reflected in her band grades as well. We have no reservations in recommending Mr. Wolfe who we consider to be a fine musician and an excellent instructor.
--Douglas Daly
I took lessons simply for the pleasure of singing. I had never received training of any kind and wanted to find out if there was anything I could do to have a better voice when I sang in Church, in my car, or with co-workers who, like me, enjoy writing songs and singing them just for one another.
Gordon did indeed help me to improve my voice in terms of range, tone and pitch. Although it's been a few years, whenever I sing, I still use techniques he taught me. The lessons were enjoyable and effective. Gordon communicated well and I felt at the end of of each session that I had gleaned something new to help me improve.
I would recommend Gordon Wolfe as an instructor to anyone wishing to take lessons. He clearly understands music and knows how to help others perform it more beautifully.
--Patti Douglass
I would like to commend you for the Voice lessons given to me several years ago. I believe that the lessons contributed to my ability to pass every audition for the Lubbock Chorale during the past 8 years and the confidence that I felt when performing at Carnegie Hall with an ensemble including 5 church choirs..
--Basil Melnyk

i feel fortunate to have found Gordon Wolfe to teach my adolescent son voice lessons. Mr. Wolfe has managed to motivate him to work and practice while he continues to have a good attitude. He enjoys the lessons and practice sessions.
My son's singing and speaking voice has improved remarkably since he began taking lessons with Mr. Wolfe a few months. Due to my son's auditory processing problems this was no easy task. Because of this I believe Mr. Gordon Wolfe's knowledge of music and the mechanics to produce music with the human voice is outstanding whereas his ability to convey that knowledge to the student is excellent.
--T. June Woolery

Gordon is a man of vast musical knowledge. He can teach almost any instrument imaginable and has a rich singing voice. I had always wanted to play the Piano. I decided to learn before I turned 40. Thankfully, Gordon has understood that I am comfortable learning at a more relaxed pace. He has a great deal of patience and is very fair. He lets the student excel according to his/her drive. He has taught many in the past and I count myself fortunate that I am one of his students.. Although I am years away from being as good as I would like to be I am enjoying the process. I I am glad to know and study under Gordon.
--Averil Walters
Our eight year old daughter started taking piano lessons from Mr. Wolfe about six months ago and has made amazing progress for this short period of time! Having been present for most of the lessons, I have observed that he is able to communicate on our child's level while at the same time helping her move forward with her musical knowledge and skill. Our daughter likes him and more importantly has come to truly enjoy playing the piano,doing so voluntarily to practice and to play for our family gatherings. I strongly recommend Mr. Wolfe as a Piano instructor.
--Steve Corbett
Mr. Wolfe has been a wonderful teacher and really I appreciate the hard work and concentration he puts in me. I like the one on one lessons he gives because it leaves the students more room to expand. This allows Mr. Wolfe to focus on the student and find the best way to teach him/her. The classes have been both fun and educational. Learning the new techniques on how to improve your music and learning about the history and theory of it at the same time. Mr. Wolfe has constantly helped me improve my Guitar skills both technically and mentally as as well. He is an understanding teacher and knows what his students need to improve. If there were more people who cared about their students like Mr. Wolfe this society wouldn't be that bad after all.
--Jack Chen
I am writing this letter for Gordon Wolfe. He has worked with my daughter for the past few years. She has had private lessons with him for bothPiano and Guitar. She has learned a great deal from him. He has always been very patient and understanding with her. He worked with her through all of the beginning stages of learning a new instrument. He even taught her some history along with the music lessons. As a teacher myself, I have great respect for Mr.. Wolfe's knowledge in the many instruments he can teach a student to play. I would highly recommend to anyone considering private music lessons to go to Gordon Wolfe. He has been a great asset to my daughter's education. Thank you, Gordon for everything you have taught Haley.
--Mickey Korab